Ocean Knoll is pleased to offer the following programs to enrich the lives of all our students. We have a number of award-winning programs in which all students participate, as well as various student clubs and teams in which all students may participate. Below you will find information on some of our unique offerings.

Art Ed

The Ocean Knoll PTA funds and teaches our Art Ed program which provides monthly fine arts lessons for each of our classes.

​​Dolphin Store

The before-school Dolphin Store is run every Wednesday by 5th-grade students. They are responsible for inventory, organizing/displaying product, pricing items, cleaning after the bell rings, and meetings 2 times per month. They must also demonstrate responsibility, a caring, respectful attitude, and integrity.


Family Wellness

The Ocean Knoll Family Wellness Program is a program designed to create a safe and fun environment for children and their parents to exercise together before school. Group exercise classes, playground games, and running/walking club are offered. Not only does the program promote physical fitness but it also promotes family bonding and creates a positive community culture as families throughout the school get to know each other while exercising together.​ 

Health and Wellness

Encinitas Union School District provides all schools with a Health and Wellness program that focuses on lifelong health and wellness. 

​IB PYP Programme

The International Baccalaureate Program at Ocean Knoll provides all students with an inquiry-based curriuculum aimed at developing internationally-minded, inquiring, caring, lifelong learners. Visit our IB Wiki for more information.

Green Team Club

The Green Team members provide community service during their lunch hour by helping with recycling and campus beautification. 


Math 24

Math 24 is an unique, game-based teaching tool which sucessfully engages students in problem solving, computation, number sense, critical thinking, and pattern sensing. It is open to students in grades 3 – 6 every Friday after school outside room 11. There is a district Math 24 tournament every spring. 


The Ocean Knoll Farm is a Green Ribbon Schools award-winning program. It is used as a growing space for our school lunch program and as an outdoor classroom, incorporating some of our IB projects. 

Ocean Knoll Farm 




SOAR (Sharing Our Acceptance and Respect) is our renowned ability-awareness program designed to help students better understand how it feels to be a young person with challenges and to facilitate friendships for students who have few or no friends. After being trained, the SOAR members help to facilitate social interactions and help our students with disabilities engage in group activities on the playground. They are assigned to support a student one day a week during a lunch period. ​

STAR Tech Team 

The STAR Tech Team is a group of trained student technicians who provide technical support for students and teachers during the school day.

Spanish World Language​

Ocean Knoll is proud to offer Spanish as a World Language as part of its IB program. Students have a weekly Spanish class in school and access to Rockalingua on their iPads for further practice.


This science-based program engages student interns in a deeper understanding of the impact storm water runoff has in our community. The production of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan provides a real world understanding of how we are all connected to the same goal of improving our coastal water quality. It also develops real skills that create a foundation for future learning and career development. ​

​Team Time

Ocean Knoll’s award-winning program, Team Time, provides acceleration, on-level, or extra support in reading for every student. It utilizes research-based programs and additional teaching staff to provide targeted instruction across each grade level to each grouping of students.


Terrific Learning Provided, or TLP, provides weekly lessons to all students in garden, nutrition, physical education, and music. More about each component of TLP can be found below.


TLP Garden Lab

The Sage Garden Project has provided 24 classes every week in the Ocean Knoll school garden for the past 5 fruitful years (that’s over 3,000 lessons in the garden alone!). Students experience hands-on lessons in science, botany, and ecology as they plant, nurture, and perform all maintenance for the garden, including the worms and compost, installing irrigation lines, learning about organic solutions for garden problems such as pest control, as well as sharing in the delight of harvesting.


TLP Nutrition Lab 

The Sage Garden Project​ provided Ocean Knoll with the welcoming Nutritional Science Lab, as well as providing lessons and funds for staff, with over $250,000 provided to Ocean Knoll since 2010. Classes in the nutrition lab cover a world of topics – nutrition, from the basics through understanding vegetarianism, food politics, importance of eating cover crops, and the important role food plays in history and culture. The lab is a natural place for lessons in math and science, as well as learning to work together and follow instructions.


Our Ocean Knoll PTA generously funds a PE teacher to provide research-based physical education lessons that are inclusive, active, and fun. This is another component of our focus on the well-being of the whole child. All children receive weekly PE lessons.